Tattoos, smoking and beer

Ok, Now let me explain…
In a meeting this morning, leaders in technology were reporting on many events and personal experiences. Some of these included;
-making the decision to go with Google Docs as a school: i.e. Getting the Google Docs tattoo
-students can use cell phones outside school buildings (not as a learning tool): i.e. Like they are smoking
-faculty reactions to bringing laptops into middle school classrooms is similar to the reaction of someone saying they should be allowed to have beer in the classroom: i.e. Fear of loss of control and not seeing the full benefits of computers to support learning. By the way, these teachers are now using these learning tools with their students…. in middle school classrooms. 🙂 Kudos!

Many more interesting and fascinating ideas were shared! Please add them here, if you were in this meeting, and/or add your own reflections. I will share more nuggets as time goes on!

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Workshop organization made easy!

Our NAIS workshop (W17. Re-Thinking Technology Leadership) was planned in only 2 synchronous meetings. Organizing a three-hour workshop, while living in 4 different regions, has its challenges. However with this group of dedicated professionals and electronic tools it was fun! We used Google Docs, Prezi, Wimba, You Tube, cell phones, and Poll Everywhere to create our agenda, resources, interactive pieces and run through the presentation together… all while sitting in our school offices. The conversations we had were incredibly rich and the collaborative experience very positive. Imagine what a great experience it would be for students to do the same with other students from around the globe!


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Guest Blogger

I am very excited to be a guest blogger for the NAIS Annual Conference next week. I am joining a wonderful group of colleagues:

Let the blogging begin!

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