Defining the Dilemma

Another model, complimentary to Speed Innovating, is one that we used in our workshop on Wednesday. While in groups one person speaks about a key dilemma they are facing for 2 minutes, the listeners clarify their dilemma with questions for 2 minutes, listeners then talk in 3rd person about the speakers dilemma for 3 minutes (speaker stays quiet… this is the tough part!), then the speaker summarizes what he heard from the listeners to clarify the issue for 2 minutes. Many times, the problem to a dilemma is truly defining the dilemma. We received very positive feedback from our attendees about this exercise. (Thanks to Howard Levin for facilitating this activity!)
The key dilemmas that surfaced in our session are here:
We then responded to them as consultants, from each of our areas of expertise. You will find these resources and responses linked from our presentation in the NAIS Annual Conference program online in the next several weeks. (Wednesday 1:00-4:00 W17. Re-Thinking Technology Leadership)
I am confident most of us are struggling with the same dilemmas. What are some of your solutions to these?
Again, back to Heath and helping motivate each other through ‘bright spots’ and his story about asking the student who was getting in trouble, ‘When do you get in the least trouble?’. Let’s analyze what works, not the problem. Please share!


About drjillbrown

Jill Brown is a life-long educator with a BA in Elementary Education, MA in Curriculum and Instruction, and PhD in Educational Technology. She has taught in different states, at different grade levels (1st grade - graduate level) and in different formats (face-to-face, workshops, online synchronous and asynchronous). She conducted her dissertation research focusing on the necessary skills for teachers to be successful technology integrators in the classroom. Jill is currently an Educational Technologist and GOA Site Director at Albuquerque Academy. She serves on the NAIS Innovation Task Force and is President of the New Mexico Society for Technology in Education (NMSTE); an ISTE Affiliate and CoSN Chapter for New Mexico. She also served on the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE) board, as treasurer and K-12 Representative, has been awarded the Making IT Happen Award, the Innovator Award by Innovate Educate, and has been recognized as a Woman of Influence for NM Business Weekly. She volunteers for ISTE, TEDx, and JDRF. She lives in Albuquerque, N.M. with her husband. They have two grown children. In her spare time Jill is a vocalist in a Trop Rock Band, likes to travel, ski and sail.
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